Welcome to the RA-Aus WESTFLY event.

26th,27th & 28th September 2015

Following the hugely successful inaugural Recreation Aviation Australia (RA-Aus) WESTFLY. White Gum Farm has decided that 2015 will be a rest year and instead there will be a very low key invitation to those that wish for something to do on the September long weekend

No food stalls this year and no organised event, simply a welcome to fly-in.
Next year (2015) should see the grand opening of the new pub and restaurant 

If there is no active runway at the time of your arrival then of course you can choose any runway and may wish to use the runways 17/35 or 10/28 in the paddock east adjoining the farm and park at the NW end of runway 10/28. It is a short walk to the hangars from there.

Camping areas are available; bring a tent and a swag.

 all have a safe time in the air.