Concours d’Elegance

This year WESTFLY is to hold a Concours d,Elegance Event.

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This is to be a fun event and the only entry requirement will be for aircraft owners to display a Data Sheet on the aircraft showing the following detail:-

a) Aircraft Model and Type.
b) Details of Power plant.
c) Number of Seats.
d) Age of Aircraft
e) Maximum and Cruise Speed.
f) Owners Name.
g) Any other pertinent information.
New aircraft agency/manufacturers displays are excluded.
Blank Aircraft Data Sheets may be obtained ON ARRIVAL or downloaded here.
The Data Sheets to be NEATLY filled in and displayed in a prominent position on the aircraft.
All aircraft entering the event MUST HAVE their Data Sheets in place prior to judging and also have a current certificate of registration.
Judging will take place from 1300hr to 1500 hrs on Saturday 29th September and the Concours d’ Elegance Trophy for the winning aircraft to be presented at the Saturday Nights Dinner.
Aircraft will be Judged for:-
1) Exterior condition, paintwork and colour scheme.
2) Interior condition and cleanliness and location of equipment
3) Condition of propeller, landing gear and tyres
4) Instrument Panel Layout and condition
5) Current Certificate of Registration.
The judges decisions will be final.
This is your chance to win a Trophy so get the polish and cleaning rags out and have a go.