White Gum FarmWhitegum Farm is a wonderful aviation jewel just east of York and only about 1.5 hours drive from Perth. It has on its own grounds no less than four runways for various aircraft types. It has entertainment, hangar, workshop and accommodation facilities all in the one venue.
Because of all of these features Whitegum Farm was an obvious choice for the first RA-Aus WESTFLY.
While the facilities are fantastic, Gordon and Gary, the owners and operators of this venue, would be among the most dedicated aviators in the state and have leapt at the opportunity to be the hosts of our event. Without their support and dedication this event could not be brought to you at this wonderful place.

How to Get There

Flying In

This is without doubt the best way to arrive at a fly in and you are certainly well catered for.
While there are four runways on the Whitegum Farm property there is an additional all weather gravel strip on the expanded venue. This runway 09-27 is the preferred runway for all aviation arrivals throughout the event. This runway is 700m long. Should circumstances dictate the alternate runways 10-28 and 17-35 may be used.
Normal circuit procedures are in effect with radio operations preferred if your aircraft is appropriately fitted and pilot properly qualified. Inbound calls should be made 10 NM out from the venue for safety reasons. Radio operations will be conducted on 126.7.

For airfield co-ordinates and map click here.

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For Aircraft arrivals - CTAF 126.7 

Driving In

We can’t all fly in all the time so you need to know how to get here too. Click here to download directions and road map.

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